Aima Dong
Work hard, play hard and repeat.

oh my god my dad just went out to walk the dog and he must have got halfway down the street and then he just came back and I was like “what’s the matter” and he just said really quietly “i forgot the dog” and my dog was just siTTING BY THE DOORSTEP WITH HIS LEASH ON LOOKING REALLY SAD

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this was my desktop background in 2004 it’s just a guy riding a long motorcycle with the motorcycle photoshopped out




when youre brushing your teeth and the toothpaste falls on the counter


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today in art class a guy made a dick out of clay and when the art teacher was walking around she stopped in front of him and stared at it and just said “it doesn’t look very accurate” and walked away

all the guys at our table were like “how does she know what a dick look like” and she said

i’m sixty years old and married and have three kids

The real question is why couldn’t a boy make an accurate dick.

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This is why there will be no divorce. Always cheaper to keep him/her.